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ANNYEONG~! jonen ANGGIT imnida :) i'm kpoppers, welcome TO MY BLOG~! and, visit me on twitter www.twitter.com/shfly2425 gamsahamnida :)

Miss me, hehe LOL

hi~ my name is ANGGIT but, you can call me YESUNG. hoho *dicari ELF* i am a kpoppers, loves super junior very much. i'm indonesian too ^^ i life @yesungi oppa's heart, hoho ^ ^ *dikejar clouds* ELF, primadonna, shawol, bocie, b2uty, and i love DNA (Dae Guk Nam Ah) too ^_^ i'm only 13 years old, so you can call me dongasaeng ^o^ WARNING!! i'm SAFER, NOT SONE , thanks ^ ^

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annyeong ^^

No Other ( 다른 )
Senin, 06 September 2010

WAAAAAAI~!! lama ga ngurus bloooog~~ *lebih sering twitter ( @shfly2425 )*

oh ya, ini ada gambar2 suju (chibi) *by me*, dilihat ya ^^


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