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“Hike in the park sharing earphones”…Shin Se Kyung and Jong Hyun’s easygoing date
Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

Seoul, Korea – The date of Shin Se Kyung (21) and Shinee’s Jong Hyun (21) was simple. Their date course was not different from any other couple in their twenties. It was simple and fresh.

The couple usually date around a park near their homes in Samsung-dong. They don’t meet often because of their schedule. They meet when their schedules allow time. They spend about 1-2 hours each time.

A spokesperson for the two remarked “They don’t get to meet often because of their respective careers”, adding “They usually meet late at night to avoid Jong Hyun’s fans around Shin Se Kyung’s home. They usually hang around a park or go walking in the street.”

Their date on the night of the 20th was exactly this. This was the day of the press conference for Shin Se Kyung’s new movie Acoustic. Jong Hyun made his way to her home as she finished her schedule for the day. The two spent the time walking around a near-by park.

These two became close because of their love for music. They were listening to music together as they were walking. Jong Hyun placed an earphone on Shin Se Kyung’s ear and the two sang together. They seem to enjoy their time together listening to music.

Another person close to the two remarked “Not only are they the same age, but they have similar hobbies. This is why they were able to become close in a short time”, adding “They usually do something normal such as listening to music together”.

They also added they made up for lost time together by calling or texting. “They both are busy with new projects and albums. And Jong Hyun lives in the dorms. He can’t leave for very long”, adding “they call and text each other often”.

Shin Se Kyung and Jong Hyun first met at a concert in May. Then they met at a common friend’s meeting and grew closer from then on. The management company for the two remarked about the budding romance, “They just started. They are meeting each other with good intentions”.


Seoul, Korea - Kencan Kyung Shin Se (21) dan Jong Hyun Shinee's (21) sangat sederhana. Kencan mereka tentu saja tidak berbeda dari pasangan lain dalam usia dua puluhan. Itu sangat sederhana dan segar.

Pasangan biasanya kencan di sekitar sebuah taman di dekat rumah mereka di Samsung-dong. Mereka tidak sering bertemu karena jadwal mereka. Mereka bertemu ketika jadwal mereka memberikan waktu. Mereka menghabiskan sekitar 1-2 jam setiap kali.

Seorang juru bicara untuk keduanya mengatakan, "Mereka tidak bisa sering bertemu karena karir masing-masing", menambahkan "Mereka biasanya bertemu larut malam untuk menghindari fans Jong Hyun di sekitar rumah Shin Se Kyung's. Mereka biasanya nongkrong di taman atau pergi berjalan di jalan. "

Kencan mereka pada malam tanggal 20 persis ini. Ini adalah hari konferensi pers untuk film baru Akustik Se Kyung Shin's. Jong Hyun berjalan ke rumah saat dia selesai jadwalnya untuk hari itu. Kedua menghabiskan waktu berjalan-jalan di dekat-oleh taman.

Kedua menjadi dekat karena cinta mereka untuk musik. Mereka mendengarkan musik bersama-sama mereka berjalan. Jong Hyun ditempatkan earphone di telinga Se Kyung Shin dan dua bernyanyi bersama. Mereka tampaknya menikmati waktu mereka bersama-sama mendengarkan musik.

Lain dekat kepada dua orang mengatakan, "Tidak hanya mereka usia yang sama, tetapi mereka punya hobi serupa. Inilah sebabnya mengapa mereka mampu menjadi dekat dalam waktu singkat ", menambahkan" Mereka biasanya melakukan sesuatu yang normal seperti mendengarkan musik bersama ".

Mereka juga menambahkan mereka dibuat untuk waktu yang hilang bersama dengan menelepon atau mengirim SMS. "Mereka berdua sibuk dengan proyek-proyek baru dan album. Dan Jong Hyun tinggal di asrama. Dia tidak bisa meninggalkan terlalu lama ", dan menambahkan" mereka sebut dan teks satu sama lain sering ".

Kyung Shin Se dan Jong Hyun pertama kali bertemu di konser di bulan Mei. Lalu mereka bertemu di pertemuan seorang teman yang umum dan semakin dekat sejak saat itu. Perusahaan manajemen untuk dua kata tentang asmara pemula, "Mereka baru saja mulai. Mereka bertemu satu sama lain dengan niat baik ".

source : http://en.korea.com/shinee/board/newsflash-“hike-in-the-park-sharing-earphones”…shin-se-kyung-and-jong-hyun’s-easygoing-date/

translate : me


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